How Parents Use Facebook to Spy on Their Kids Infographic

C’mon, admit it, you’ve done a little peeking in on your children’s Facebook pages. Maybe you’re completely open with your kids and there are no secrets. Awesome for you! But for many parents, they aren’t so lucky.

Facebook is one way to see what kids are up to if they let you friend them. If they don’t, there may be something going on that you shoould know about. Hopefully they’ll keep everything private so only trusted friends and family can see their posts. After all, they are kids.

Below is an infographic that shows how parents keep tabs on their kids using Facebook.


To see the original infographic in full size visit the post at Daily Infographic.

It’s interesting that there are 7.5 million users under the age of 13 (the legal age) on Facebook yet they only ban 20,000 a day.

It’s also interesting that 55% of parents use Facebook to keep an eye on their kids but only 16% send them a friend request. Sounds like a lot of kids aren’t keeping things private.

Stay safe out there on the interwebs. 🙂

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